DESCRIPTION: Production crew implementing social distancing measures while filming an outdoor scene on a Mexican beach.



DESCRIPTION: Production crew practicing social distancing while setting up at a private self-contained villa in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

PHOTO CREDIT: Anthony Romano/TCA


DESCRIPTION: Transferring production clients via private air charter in order to minimize exposure.



DESCRIPTION: Production crew maintaining social distancing while filming an airport arrival at Cancun airport (CUN).



DESCRIPTION: Self-contained, secured resort compound perfect for isolating cast and crews during the COVID-19 pandemic. Playa Nix, La Huerta, Jalisco is represented by The Cabo Agency Mexico S de RL de CV.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shelley Murphy/TCA



“While Mexico has a long-standing reputation as a vacation and lifestyle destination for the adventurous traveler, such stories often overshadow its international renown as a thriving center of first-rate medical, tech and arts industries.”

– Jorge Gamboa, Director, Mexico Tourism Board – West Coast, 2005- 2020

“While many media headlines implied that travel to Mexico is prohibited, the temporary closure only applies to non-essential travel across the land ports of entry. Crew air travel and trucking of production equipment into and out of Mexico, for example, remain open for many types of U.S. productions. That said, the current situation in Mexico, like many other regions, remains fluid. Precautionary measures consistent with current best practices should be followed if travel cannot be postponed until more information is available that indicates an acceptable reduction in risk.”

– Michael J. Houston, former Consular Agent in Mexico, U.S. Department of State, 1998-2008

“Having produced thousands of events in Mexico for our US and UK clients– including hundreds of episodes of television, countless commercials, films and music videos– I can say with confidence that the Mexican crews with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working are experienced, meticulous, and consistently prove their diligence and adaptability.  These seasoned professionals are prepared to manage any unforeseen eventuality within the fast-moving world of international reality production, which truly puts us ahead of the curve when facing COVID-19.”

– Jason Hollander, Producer & Agency Director, The Cabo Agency

“IMR’s national network of air and ground ambulances, advanced and critical life support, including ventilators, stands ready to provide priority service to support The Cabo Agency’s international and domestic production clients in Mexico.”

– David Alvarez, Coordinador de Operaciones, IMR

“There is something to be said about Hispanic culture –how we so strongly embrace caring for our families. Strict personal hygiene has always been part of our daily lives dating back to the Aztecs, so be sure our crew will protect themselves, their families and you.”

– Cecy Merino, Onsite Operations & Production Supervisor, The Cabo Agency Mexico S de RL de CV

“We are now permitted to proactively and compliantly deliver medical supplies and prescriptions to production sets, with requisite prescriptions, of course. This opens up a new layer of reliable medical safety that previously didn’t exist in Mexico.”

– Paulino Davó, Co-Owner, Happy Pharma SA de CV

“While we haven’t dealt with anything like this before, our clients have a history of complimenting our local Mexico team for their diligence with proactive hygiene measures. I’ve lost count of the times we’ve been called germaphobes, which in today’s climate is quite the compliment.”

– Rory Rogers, Director of Operations, The Cabo Agency

“As the saying goes… ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’; now more than ever we have a responsibility to take things up a notch by mastering our craft and becoming the absolute best version of ourselves. This current challenge offers us all the opportunity to adapt; it’s our duty to stay well informed, become part of the solution, and bond with thy neighbor as a core member of all that we are. Together we are stronger!”

– André Araiz, Owner & Producer, CINETUR